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The Overlooked Style Icon


What I am about to explain to you needs no justification in my mind. I still feel the need to elaborate so that you might understand where I am coming from when I say what I am about to. I grew up on rock n’ roll. Although my family was more of the Jimmy Buffet and Randy Newman type, I hung around kids that were watching Pink Floyd’s The Wall and The Rolling Stones’ Rock n’ Roll circus. Although I never outwardly dressed like my friends, in their tattered band shirts, ripped jeans, and scuffed shoes, I aesthetically enjoyed the style of all of my Joey Ramone doppelganger friends.

Flash forward several years and here I am. Still listening to much of the same music and knowing the words to every song because I’ve listened to them so many times and it never got old. The only main difference now is that I know more-so who I am. I’m not gritty or rough on the inside; I’m simply a feminine girl who happens to like all things gritty and rough looking. Some of the glamorized aspects of rock n’ roll are a little too much. The debauchery involved in the lifestyle is too much for me to appreciate, or even handle. I choose to admire from afar.

So what is all of this about? This is all about finding inspiration in the places where you would often overlook it. And by overlook, I mean Mick Jagger. When you mention the name, many millennials would simply respond with “who?”, everyone else is too busy either mocking his age or looking at what he is physically doing, not what he’s wearing.

Jagger’s style over the years has remained admirable. He’s been consistently consistent with what he wears, tight black jeans, a button up shirt, and the most important element of any one of his outfits, a killer blazer. Below, as on ode to none other than Mr. Jagger, I’ve compiled exactly what I would wear if I happened to be him.


Jagger worthy blazers:



Where to get them:

1.  Balmain Striped Cropped Blazer

2. Roberto Cavalli One Button Silk Blazer

3. Balmain Woven Tailored Blazer – My FAVORITE!

4. Femme De Rose- Womens Tailored Blazer

5. Just Cavalli Printed Cotton-Twill Jacket

6. River Island White Contrast Collar Scuba Tux Blazer

Who’s your overlooked style icon?


Jillian Ouellette



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The Truly and Insanely Inspiring World of DVF

I am such a sucker for powerful women. I was raised by a mother who taught me that all of the clichés that exist about succeeding can be a reality with enough hard work and ambition. Being in business school and having a fundamental understanding of how business and other social structures operate, it’s obvious that, slowly but surely, women in influential positions are on the rise. Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook and Mary Barra of GM are just a couple examples of this.  Considering the male-dominated industries they are in, tech and automotive, women do happen to be an anomaly. What happens when you look into a female-oriented fashion industry? Major companies such as LVMH and Gucci Group are headed by men, running the show behind the scenes.

Recently I was, well, Googling Google and how awesome it would be to be an intern there and came across some videos on Google Glass. As a part of a series on these, they released a video with the truly powerful, beautiful, and iconic Diane von Fürstenberg, Founder of DVF, wearing the glasses during New York Fashion Week. Although I will never get to hang out with her and Bianca Jagger at Studio 54, she is still one of the most influential people in the Fashion Industry and an advocate of strong, independent women. Not only does this video capture how wonderful of a person DVF seems to be, it does a great job capturing the energy of NYFW. Seriously, how inspiring is this? It made me feel all tacky and cheesy. I got goose bumps from it. Ugh.

Google did such an amazing job with this, tapping into a totally different market than who might actually wear Google Glass. And seeing things from the perspective of DVF? Even better. She says in the video “be the woman you want to be.” For any young women, this is a priceless piece of advice and beautiful testament to the idea that women don’t have to be pinned against one another in friendship, acquaintances, or careers.

Who or what inspires you to be insanely awesome?

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