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Mother of Pearl @ Moda Operandi


Mother of Peal @ Moda Operandi


Mother of Pearl @ Moda Operandi

There are many things I love and sincerely enjoy doing: making my dog sneeze, cracking jokes with my family, and wearing a mustache drawn with a highlighter when there is a black light around, just to name a few.

Also on the list? Wearing an abundance of stripes, florals, and brights- ALL AT ONCE. That’s where the Mother of Pearl Resort 2014 collection comes into play. Feel free to admire this with me, and pout, because it’s just so damn good, but so damn far away. Everything about this is just oh-so-cool, from the pant suits to the skirts, there’s a whole-lot going on and at the same time, it’s practical and wearable. I feel that mixing prints is one of the most risky and bold (in the best way possible) thing someone can do when they get dressed in the morning. Color, proportion, and shape all need to taken into consideration and for the most part, it’s all a matter of personal perception. That’s what makes this collection so magical- a girl can dream, can’t she?

Would you be willing to mix prints?

Best wishes,

Jillian Ouellette


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Funny Feelings: Silk Kimonos

Silk kimono 2PrettyLittleWorldVtg


Kimono 1PrettyLittleWorldVtg


Kimono 3Noir Ohio Vintage

There are many things on my ever-growing “Want List.” I have to be real with myself though: I’m a broke a** college student (wah! Poor me, right?) and will not be obtaining half of the things I really want, any time in the near future. But a girl can dream, right?

Because of this intense lust for the, slightly obtainable but still oh-so-far-away, objects of my desire, I put together a list of the ten million things on my wish list, within specific categories. This weeks- none other than vintage silk kimonos! Exactly what every girl wants, right? Right. I imagine myself twirling around in a circle in all of these bad boys- just like a real housewife of ATL – Gone with the Wind Fabulous.

But on a serious note, these garments are truly beautiful and the craftsmanship used to make such garments is unmatched to anything that can be store-bought now-a-days.  The material, one can assume, is top of the line, and even after years of wear, the colors are still vibrant and rich.


Would you rock one of these?

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Are You Wearing Astronaut Pants?


Galaxy Suit: Topshop

I recently had a dilemma: how do I present myself in a more “professional” photograph and not lose my identity? When you browse through your connections on LinkedIn, there is a sea of black and gray blazers, but realistically, that’s not who many of those people intrinsically are.  I understand that there is a protocol for professional presentation, especially over the internet, but I’m also a firm believer in that some rules are just plain ol’ stupid.

So what is the most logical thing I could have done in order to present myself in a “professional” way and not completely abandon myself in the process? I bought a space suit. Yeah, what you’re probably thinking right now is exactly what my mom said: “are you ____ kidding me?” No, mom. I’m not kidding you.  So what was I thinking when I purchased this bad boy? I was thinking about all the one-liner “are you wearing astronaut pants?” jokes, how I’m already somewhat of a space case, and the fact that I have nebula’s printed all over me.

Now let me explain the photo above. I convinced (by “convinced”, what I’m actually trying to say, is that  it was by her own free will) my very talented friend Kelci McIntosh, to take some photos of me. I went into her room and threw my things everywhere (because I’m just THAT much of a diva). So, half of this mess is mine, actually all of that mess is mine.

So, do you feel that you can translate your personality online and still maintain professionalism?


Jillian Ouellette

P.S. Get your own galaxy suit here.

P.P.S.- Psych. I bought this suit a few months ago, so they are no longer there, BUT, you can always start your galaxy wardrobe out with this Galaxy Bustier Bra Top from Showboat Clothing!

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Sewing with a Sense of Humor

I don’t want to use the term “as of late,” because this problem has been going on for quite some time now… I can’t stop purchasing food fabric and I can’t imagine it stopping anytime soon.

If you’ve looked at my Etsy store, Showboat Clothing, you might have seen this: Les Frites Bustier Bra Top. It’s gotten it’s fair share of recognition on Tumblr, and girls all over the world are wearing one with a “yeah, I’m wearing French fry attitude,” (because that is a totally normal attitude, right?). But aside from the bustier, I keep managing to take it a step further. Evidence A: French fry shorts.


Now, this might all seem a little silly to you, that’s because it is. In the best way possible, of course.  Why did I decide to make a pair of high-waisted tap shorts? Aside from a killer fabric pattern, they have a sense of humor, and most importantly, they have character.  Every time I wear something as interesting as these bad boys, people can’t help but talk about them with me. Even the ice cream sandwich bandeau I made for my friend can come off as silly, but incredibly original.

Ice Cream Sandwich

The responses towards the use of such fabrics for garments has been up and down, especially on the internet where people tend to be a little more critical and have an opinion about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  When people say “is it weird that I want to wear this?”, the automatic response I think to myself is “why the hell would that be weird?” That’s the beauty of clothes, you get to identify with whatever you feel suits you best. Whether it be a polka dot skirt or an ice cream sandwich bandeau, it is uniquely you and uniquely a reflection of your personality. The clothes I choose to make stems from the fact that the world can be a harsh place and that people have a tendency to be a bit cynical, French fry shorts are just an opportunity to make yourself smile in an outrageous fashion. Besides, where else are you going to find something as wild unless you sew it yourself?

How do your clothes reflect your personality?

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The Truly and Insanely Inspiring World of DVF

I am such a sucker for powerful women. I was raised by a mother who taught me that all of the clichés that exist about succeeding can be a reality with enough hard work and ambition. Being in business school and having a fundamental understanding of how business and other social structures operate, it’s obvious that, slowly but surely, women in influential positions are on the rise. Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook and Mary Barra of GM are just a couple examples of this.  Considering the male-dominated industries they are in, tech and automotive, women do happen to be an anomaly. What happens when you look into a female-oriented fashion industry? Major companies such as LVMH and Gucci Group are headed by men, running the show behind the scenes.

Recently I was, well, Googling Google and how awesome it would be to be an intern there and came across some videos on Google Glass. As a part of a series on these, they released a video with the truly powerful, beautiful, and iconic Diane von Fürstenberg, Founder of DVF, wearing the glasses during New York Fashion Week. Although I will never get to hang out with her and Bianca Jagger at Studio 54, she is still one of the most influential people in the Fashion Industry and an advocate of strong, independent women. Not only does this video capture how wonderful of a person DVF seems to be, it does a great job capturing the energy of NYFW. Seriously, how inspiring is this? It made me feel all tacky and cheesy. I got goose bumps from it. Ugh.

Google did such an amazing job with this, tapping into a totally different market than who might actually wear Google Glass. And seeing things from the perspective of DVF? Even better. She says in the video “be the woman you want to be.” For any young women, this is a priceless piece of advice and beautiful testament to the idea that women don’t have to be pinned against one another in friendship, acquaintances, or careers.

Who or what inspires you to be insanely awesome?

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Who is the Showboat Clothing Girl?

Source: WeHeartIt

Source: WeHeartIt

I’d like to be able to say that Showboat Clothing is a direct extension of myself. While I believe this sincerely, there is definitely as less shallow aspect, and a lot more to it.  I started sewing and selling the garments I make for a simple reason; because I believe in them. I think that a girl has the power to dictate her self-image to others and herself, simply through what she wears. Confidence and personality can all be translated through a simple piece of clothing, but there is one issue, fashion is fast. Literally. We all know that it changes and shifts all the time and what we have access to is cheap and likely won’t last through more than two washes.

This is where the concept behind Showboat Clothing comes into play. While the cost of an item won’t be the same as a big box retailer, each piece is hand-made with the care that is often overlooked by many larger companies.  That’s what I love about the Showboat Clothing girl, they genuinely love owning a piece of clothing that they will keep for several years to come and every time they wear it, they’ll love it even more.

This girl is a trendsetter. She understands that taking risks in life is vital to their success in everything from their career, to fashion. The Showboat Clothing girl is on it. Quite frankly, they’re the bad ass who understands that you are what you wear. They just happen to wear the coolest stuff ever.

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