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Mother of Pearl @ Moda Operandi


Mother of Peal @ Moda Operandi


Mother of Pearl @ Moda Operandi

There are many things I love and sincerely enjoy doing: making my dog sneeze, cracking jokes with my family, and wearing a mustache drawn with a highlighter when there is a black light around, just to name a few.

Also on the list? Wearing an abundance of stripes, florals, and brights- ALL AT ONCE. That’s where the Mother of Pearl Resort 2014 collection comes into play. Feel free to admire this with me, and pout, because it’s just so damn good, but so damn far away. Everything about this is just oh-so-cool, from the pant suits to the skirts, there’s a whole-lot going on and at the same time, it’s practical and wearable. I feel that mixing prints is one of the most risky and bold (in the best way possible) thing someone can do when they get dressed in the morning. Color, proportion, and shape all need to taken into consideration and for the most part, it’s all a matter of personal perception. That’s what makes this collection so magical- a girl can dream, can’t she?

Would you be willing to mix prints?

Best wishes,

Jillian Ouellette


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