Are You Wearing Astronaut Pants?


Galaxy Suit: Topshop

I recently had a dilemma: how do I present myself in a more “professional” photograph and not lose my identity? When you browse through your connections on LinkedIn, there is a sea of black and gray blazers, but realistically, that’s not who many of those people intrinsically are.  I understand that there is a protocol for professional presentation, especially over the internet, but I’m also a firm believer in that some rules are just plain ol’ stupid.

So what is the most logical thing I could have done in order to present myself in a “professional” way and not completely abandon myself in the process? I bought a space suit. Yeah, what you’re probably thinking right now is exactly what my mom said: “are you ____ kidding me?” No, mom. I’m not kidding you.  So what was I thinking when I purchased this bad boy? I was thinking about all the one-liner “are you wearing astronaut pants?” jokes, how I’m already somewhat of a space case, and the fact that I have nebula’s printed all over me.

Now let me explain the photo above. I convinced (by “convinced”, what I’m actually trying to say, is that  it was by her own free will) my very talented friend Kelci McIntosh, to take some photos of me. I went into her room and threw my things everywhere (because I’m just THAT much of a diva). So, half of this mess is mine, actually all of that mess is mine.

So, do you feel that you can translate your personality online and still maintain professionalism?


Jillian Ouellette

P.S. Get your own galaxy suit here.

P.P.S.- Psych. I bought this suit a few months ago, so they are no longer there, BUT, you can always start your galaxy wardrobe out with this Galaxy Bustier Bra Top from Showboat Clothing!


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